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Outsourcing Logic

More and more businesses are outsourcing to a third party logistics provider such as WP Warehousing. By taking advantage of the expertise that the third party brings in, you as the customer can be more focused on your own core competencies in building your business.

Some of the benefits include: reduced staffing and vendor costs, improved customer service, higher productivity, lower administrative costs and measurable service standard improvements. It all adds up to a better value for the distribution dollar.

Warehousing services, specializing in the needs of the wine industry, near Toronto, OntarioWhy choose WP Warehousing?

When you select WP Warehousing as your 3PL logistics partner, you get the best of both worlds. You'll receive the large menu of services such as warehousing, pick and pack, delivery, inventory management you'd expect from a large national business, along with the attentiveness and pricing structure of a smaller entrepreneurial company. That saves money without compromising service.


WP Warehousing runs a state-of-the-art inventory system which is fully customizable. Customers are provided with online access to standard and customizable reports – allowing them to view real-time inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking information and more.

Economies of Scale

WP Warehousing can obtain preferential rates from our trucking and delivery partners due to our overall volume of shipping.


Our personnel are highly trained and take the initiative to identify areas of operations that can be improved to reduce costs, as part of our continuous improvement efforts. All of our services are provided in a professional manner.

We learn and grow with each new challenge. Most importantly, WP Warehousing strives to always meet the changing needs of our clients and business partners.

Scalable Facilities

Rather than commit your company to a fixed amount of warehouse space, our warehousing facilities allow you to expand and grow and change your storage to suit your business needs. This lets you avoid the risk associated with warehouse leases and term rental agreements.

Let us help you save time, money and headaches! Find out how.