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WP introduces Laser Etching - an economical solution for our clients

Posted Nov 10th, 2014

WP introduces Laser Etching - an economical solution for our clients

I think one of our strongest traits at WP is our desire to understand the challenges of our various clients. A large portion of our client base, and where we got our start, was with the wineries of the Niagara Region. Niagara is very lucky to have so many high quality vineyards which produce award winning wines. Not only do they produce wine but many have designed their businesses to provide for event planning and eco-tourism. These wineries open their doors to corporate and private events, from concerts to intimate parties. One of the challenges of these events is the ability to personalize their product to make the time spent at the winery a unique experience. It would be nice to offer bottles of wine or other related gifts from their shop that are also personalized for the individual companies or people who are hosting the event. The challenge is that traditional printing methods for personalized promotional items are only economical for large runs. These runs also have to be generic enough that they can be used over a longer period of time.

WP listened to this concern and took it upon ourselves to find an affordable solution. There must be a way to personalize value added products that our customers can use to capture more business with their clients.

After doing a great deal of research, we decided to invest in a laser/engraver system. This machine would allow us to take vectored graphics, the ones used in programs like Corel Draw, and burn this image into glass, acrylic, wood, leather and even stainless steel. It also allows us to cut many of these materials to create custom key fobs or plaques for the inside of wine boxes. The system is so economical that we are able to do individual prints at a price that our clients can feel comfortable passing along to their clients. Set up fees are a small fraction of traditional methods allowing our clients the ability to do multiple, targeted promotions less than the cost of a large, generic print run.

We are getting great responses from the work we have done and are constantly learning new applications for our laser engraving and etching systems. We can't wait to share more images of what we are able to do on our machine. If you have an idea for a unique promotion, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you with your marketing ideas.