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Reducing Your Overall Costs

WP Warehousing makes every effort to reduce your overall costs of logistics and fulfillment services. Here's how:

  • Reduce the human labour component
  • Preferential rates and volume discounts
  • Reduce or eliminate your adminstrative costs
  • Apply JIT and Lean Operations principles to all processes

Reduce the Human Labour Component

The most expensive part of any process is the cost of labour. We keep this component to an absolute minimum using several proven strategies. This includes:

  • warehouse layout and travel distance optimization
  • computerized scheduling and shipment make-up

The less we touch the material through the entire process, the less the overall cost.

Preferred Rates and Volume Discounts

We move and ship much more volume than you ever will. This allows us to get preferential rates from our logistics transportation and delivery partners that are not normally available on the "open market", just due to volume. We pass these advantages to you.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Administrative Costs

By using the integrated supply chain solutions at WP Warehousing you can reduce or eliminate your internal labour costs. You will not need as many shipping clerks, logistics and customer service support personnel as well as other administrative human resources.

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